Heated and Vibration Massage Knee Brace Wrap

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Our Heating&Vibrating Knee Brace Wrap saves you a ton of money from buying pain meds and seeing doctors because it helps relieve knee pain and relax muscles.
  • HEATING & VIBRATING MASSAGER: Helps Knee Pain and Discomfort. Our Knee brace wrap provides 3 Heating levels and 3 Vibrating levels right in your certain knee area, for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery. It will be an ideal Christmas gift for your family and friends
  • PHYSICAL HEATING & MASSAGE THERAPY: Heating & Massage are sweet relief for arthritis and swelling. Knee brace wrap provides powerful vibration massage and comfortable heating helps reduce joint pain, muscle stiffness, and joint swelling

How To Use - Long press the button 3 seconds to start

3 MASSAGING Mode As Below:

Red - Continuous Vibration

Blue - High-Frequency Vibration

Green - Low-Frequency Vibration

3 HEATING Mode As Below:

Red - highest temp (50℃/122℉ to 60℃/140℉)

Blue - medium temp (45℃/113℉ to 55℃/131℉)

Green - lowest temp (40℃/104℉ to 50℃/122℉)

Red - Continuous Vibration - highest temp (50℃/122℉ to 60℃/140℉)

Blue - High-Frequency Vibration - medium temp (45℃/113℉ to 55℃/131℉)

Green - Low-Frequency Vibration - lowest temp (40℃/104℉ to 50℃/122℉)

Note: Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to start working, short press the switching mode