Germ Free Hand Tool

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The Germ Free Hand Tool helps you perform everyday tasks without touching shared surfaces. Designed by a healthcare professional, this combination stylus and hook is perfect for pushing elevator and ATM buttons, touching restroom fixtures and opening doors. Constructed from a solid piece of brass, it’s naturally antimicrobial to help decrease the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. Features a keyring attachment and finger hole for an easy, steady grip.

• Touch-free stylus and door opener

• Made from a single piece of solid brass — no welds or crevices for germs to hide

• Naturally antimicrobial

• Stylus tip is ideal for pushing elevator buttons, ATM buttons, etc.

• Hook end can be used to open doors, flush public toilets, etc.

• Helps reduce contact with germs, bacteria, and viruses on shared surfaces

• Keyring loop keeps it handy at all times

• Finger hole gives you an easy, steady grip

• Provides peace of mind for every member of your family