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We’re Super Picky … but you’ll love that we are.

Welcome to Starbuy! … We’re not your typical store.
We don’t have a brick and mortar shop.
We don’t have a super big product line.
We don’t try to do it all & we don’t want to.
Better yet, you’ll love that we don’t.
Here’s what we are
We’re a bunch of picky people who believe in straightforward shopping & simply amazing service.
And yes, we mean picky as in that picky kid pushing peas around their plate. We are those kids in careers now and we still promote pea pushing. Especially at home.
Seriously, when it comes to what we buy and the shopping experiences we want. We don’t compromise & neither should you!
That standard counts just as much online for us.
Online shopping is amazing. You can find what you want, when you want from wherever you are, and get it all from the comfort of your sweatpants.
But online shopping isn’t all awesome.
It’s hard to gauge quality. You can’t see, touch or test out what you buy. We’ve all been there. Open the package to total surprise … in a totally bad way. Low quality products that look nothing like what you ordered and a non existent customer service when you try to fix the issue. That’s just not right.
We test and prove our products, sometimes for months before they are ever posted online. Then, if we love it. We make loads of them and sell them and when we think an item is ready to be replaced, we don’t hesitate. It’s off to the next big find.
NOW... here’s the best part.
When we find a “Starbuy” worthy item for your home, we work directly with our manufacturers to negotiate amazing rates. There is no complicated process or unnecessary steps from factory to us. That means we save loads and you benefit.

Seriously, we sell the Starbuy standard for prices FAR below anything near our quality, and if you ever think otherwise, just give us a ring. We’ll make it right or make a return & refund right on the spot. No questioning. No complications. Just as online shopping should be.