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Our candle lighter uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, it can be used on different occasions.

A flexible soft neck enables you to maintain a safe distance from the spark.


1. Charge through the USB interface by connection to a computer, cell phone chargers, and any other charges with an output of DV 5V±0.5V and output current below 3000MA.

2. Built-in smart charging circuit will lighter the indicator light at the bottom of the product when charging, and the lighter turns off automatically after a full charge.

3. The lighter would be automatically off after continue to ignite 7 seconds. 


The products you buy are the qualified lighter, according to the high quality and security standards. Please follow the below safety rules;

1. Do not use a sharp object to piece or burn this product.

2. Please put the product out of the reach of children

3. Except for the authorized service technicians, do not take apart the product.

4. Do not place the product into water or other liquids.

5. Please take far away from people and your face skin and combustibles when using it. Please make sure the flame is totally extinguished after use.

6. This product should take away from flame and the temperature above 60℃. Do not put under the sun.

7. Do not touch the electronic spark.



VEHHE upgraded candle lighter adopt the windproof design, you can use it under any bad conditions, it is an ideal lighter tool for outdoor use.


Lighter use a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, one charge can discharge hundreds of time. Enable long using time.

Package included:

- 1 * BBQ lighter

- 1 * USB charger cable


For security reasons, lighter has especially multiple protections, if the heating time is too long, the lighter will automatically cut off the power. What’s more, a safety lock design to keep the children away from the fire. A long and flexible soft head enables you to maintain a safe distance from the spark.


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